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Corporate philosophy

Daiwa parts Ltd. recognizes that the environmental conservation is a common priority issue to the human race. We actively work on the environmental conservation to decrease the harmful effects on nature, and contribute to continued development of the society in all fields of our business activities.

Environmental Policy

Daiwa parts Ltd. is aiming at the achievement of a comfortable, healthy environment as a specialized trading company for stainless steel pipes for various industries. The following business activities are held in our company.

  • We are contributing to prevent the environmental pollution and harmful effects on nature.
  • We protect the law that we decided to follow by all means such as the related national law for environment and our company rules for environment. With following these laws, we are contributing to environmental conservation and prevention of environmental pollution.
  • We precisely understand the influence given to environment to achieve this policy. We determine a purpose / an aim in a range of technically and economically and perform a periodical review.
  • Reduction and recycling of the waste such as packing materials and copying papers.
  • The reduction of energies consumed such as electricity, gasoline, and kerosene.
  • Consideration to the environment at an order and the estimate stage with customers.
  • Through an environmental education and daily activities, I educate employees an environmental policy to maintain the policy. And also, I disseminate environmental policy to a cooperation factory for understanding and cooperation.
  • * We show our environmental policy and, for each relation, announce it.
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