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If you have difficulties with stainless steel pipe and other metalworking, please feel free to ask us.

General estimate procedure-- The consultation until estimating is free.

  1. Please tell us details like the amount and delivery date etc. of the part production.

    In general, we hear your requirement of products on the phone or email first of all. And then, we decide whether the products are able to make or not with discussing together. In this stage, we explain about the details of our producing process with assuring the purpose of the use and other details. If we find the improvements in the producing process that is leading to cut the cost of production, we suggest it.

  2. We choose the best way of production by the discussion with the customer.

    There are tens of kinds of way of the approach and the processing to produce a product even if the final drawing is only one. In theses We choose the best way of production by the discussion with the customer. We show our estimate when we make image of the producing process with customer requirement.

  3. We make trial production if necessary.

    We start the production when the customer gives us order of the product after the estimate. The consultation until estimate is free, so please feel free to contact us.

  4. We keep the customer information thoroughly.

    We thoroughly keep the customer information and details of products considering. Please propose us your new ideas whatever you want. The sales adviser, Takayoshi Oe, listens to your personal request with responsibility.

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We give you suggestion from the actual work side.
Feel free to ask us questions and quotation.
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