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Privacy Policy

Daiwa Parts Co., Ltd has dealings on web using our website, so, we take your personal information seriously. We publicize our Privacy Policy and observe it to take your personal information appropriately based on the guideline and the related regulations.

1. Our purposes to use your personal information

We provide the purpose of use and when we use the information we collect within the range where the limit is not exceeded to achieve our purpose written in the following passage 2.

  1. Personal information
    We mean personal information as customer information which means the information listed below:
    • e-mail address
    • Your name, address, company name, occupation, and telephone number
    • Our dealings with your company in business
    • Other information that is able to let somebody know you and your company
  2. Purpose of uses and the ranges
    We will use your personal information transmitted by the customer within the following purpose of uses and the ranges
    • Correspondence to inquiry of customer
    • In the cases that we do the product development etc. with customers
  3. Exception of purpose of uses
    We handle your personal information when we get your own agreement. And also in the following case we handle your personal information exceeding the range necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use.
    • In the case that is based on the law

2. Handlings of personal information

We never provide your personal information without your agreement except the following case

  • In the case that is based on the law

3. Company structure

  1. We limit the person who has the right of access to personal information. And the following person in charge serves to keep your personal information safe as a person in charge of information management.
  2. In our company the following person in charge keeps your personal information safe for the personal information we collect and the developments of product

Management representative for personal information (customer information)
Sales Department: Takayoshi Oe

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